Property Management

Property management with over 11 years experience in Boulder County.

Responsibilities as a property manager.

  • Locate and secure renter.
  • Collect the rent.
  • Take the calls from the tenant.
  • Arrange for repairs.
  • See that the repairs are done properly.
  • Send appropriate notices to the tenant for late or nonpayment of rent,
    violations of the rules, etc.
  • Do or oversee evictions.
  • Get your approval for major expenses.
  • Inspect the property occasionally.
  • Provide you with an accounting of all money received and disbursed monthly
    or quarterly, as well as keep a client trust account for owner money. State law
    regulates property managers much as it does real estate agents. And every
    state is different.
  • And whatever else you agree upon between you. In fact every responsibility of the
    property manager is agreed upon contractually.

Fee: 10% of monthly rent plus renter bonus at signing.

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