This is no robot clean that does the same thing over and over. Each home is different, therefore we design a customized cleaning schedule that involves every aspect of your home to be cleaned and maintained each week/bi-weekly depending on your schedule and budget.

Regular Celanings are what we (you an I) create together…
We are always looking for grime. We vacuum, mop, dust, all your bathrooms and kitchen will sparkle. We dispose of trash, make stainless sparkle, back splash grime free, we clean laundry rooms, wipe all doorknobs and light switches, clean leather, dust glassware, polish wood, sliding glass doors including trim and base, bottoms of hard wood floor pads-so hairy, dust pictures and knick knacks and more.

Additions to Regular…
As needed we will clean and maintain baseboards and trim , cobwebs, ovens, above doorways, blinds, windows on standing level, hardware, drape rods, ceiling fans, under sinks, hand rails, kitchen and bathroom cabinet faces wiped, kitchen and bathroom drawers, bathroom fixtures, unload dishwasher, top of the refrigerator… change litter, doors, staircases, and recycling. No worries we will cover it!

Extras that just need more time:
China Cabinets
Plant Maintenance
Decks and outdoor plants
Yard work
Party planning and execution assistance including set up and clean-up
*Windows up high – Call Good Clean Fun window cleaning at 303-818-6358.

We use mostly green eco-friendly cleaning products from trusted sources like Mrs. Myers, Lifetree, Ecover, and Seventh Generation. Our favorites include lavender, basil, honeysuckle, grapefruit, orange, lemon, geranium, pine and eucalyptus. We care about your home and the environment and it shows in our actions and our products. Your house will smell fresh and clean and have a natural sparkle.

Sparkle Fees:
House cleaning based on hourly rate. We will agree upon time needed based on first cleaning and any additional tasks needing accomplished.

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